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March 2019

**Interview begins at the 5:00 minute mark**

February 2019

**Interview begins at the 4:20 minute mark**

In this interview, Darin and Steven discuss proposed healthcare changes in the State of California by new Governor Gavin Newsom. They discuss the proposed changes that Mr. Newsom would like to make, and the impact these changes will have on those currently hurt by the affordable care act. Additionally, they discuss options to get out of the current healthcare system as it is constructed, as well as the "100 Day Rule" and options for funding long term care events. 

In this interview, Steven and Darin discuss the various proposed changes to the Healthcare system in the United States. Most notably they discuss the proposed expanded medicare for all benefits as well as a socialized healthcare system and how that can look. Additionally, they expand (through case studies) on how the work they do impacts individuals, families, and small businesses beyond just providing health insurance.   

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January 2019

**Interview begins at the 5:10 minute mark**

Listen as Steven and Darin discuss options for those who missed the open enrollment window, as well as those who would like to explore making a change during the non-open enrollment period. Additionally they discuss always present gaps in every health insurance plan and what can be done about it. Lastly, they touch on the less talked about "100 Day Rule" and options for extended care coverage.

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